McCloskey Documents on Augustinian Pedagogy

  1. Cracked Pots and Brave Hearts - Overview of Augustinian Pedagogy for Merrimack College (2004)
  2. Characteristics of Augustinian Pedagogy (Threads to be Woven) - Presentation at  Augustinian Education Congress in Rome (2005) 
  3. Augustinian Pedagogy and Catholic Social Teaching (Augustinian Values and Signs of the Times) - Presentation at Augustinian Education Congress (2005)
  4. Considerations and Practices in Augustinian Pedagogy -Chapter of Basic Elements of Augustinian Pedagogy (2006)
  5. Augustinian Pedagogy as Encounters of Learning - Invited Address in Prague, Czech Republic (2008)
  6. Social and Emotional Learning – Augustinian Connections – Workshop Materials for OSA International Educators Congress, Lima, Peru (2012)
  7. Being an Augustinian Educator - Keynotes Address at from Augustinian Ethos Conference, Carlisle, England (2014)
  8. Augustinian Approach to Global Competence - Keynote Address National Augustinian Educators Congress - Biñan, Philippines (2015)
  9. Advice from Saint Augustine - Commencement Address, Villanova College (High School) King City, Ontario, Canada (2016)
  10. Social and Emotional Learning in the Thought of Augustine of Hippo - Augustine Conference at Badji Mokhtar-Annaba University Annaba, Algeria (2016)
  11. Engagement through Augustinian Pedagogy – (With Dr. Kathryn Nielsen) Workshop Materials for OSA International Educators Congress, Villanova University, USA (2017)
  12. Augustinian Learning Practices for a Technological World - Presentated at The International Conference on Education, Saint Augustine, Teacher for the 21st century - Fundación Universitaria Cervantina San Agustín Bogotá, Colombia (2019)